Bitcoin Talk Television Show Launched To 500,000 North American Viewers

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Another Sign of Bitcoin Becoming Mainstream

Day by day – quite literally hour by hour – Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies are invading mainstream, daily life. The latest sign of the trend is a new television program that will begin airing next month on the Phoenix North America Chinese Channel .

The cryptocurrency and blockchain talk show entitled “Bitcoin Talk Show will broadcast its initial episode the first week of June 2018. Local Chinese investors and business owners will be invited to the Phoenix North America headquarters to attend the live taping where they will discuss cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with the company’s crypto analysts.

“We believe Chinese investors are seeking cutting edge knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency, and this lighthearted, entertaining television program will accomplish just that. In addition, we seek to…  gain recognition as a leader in Chinese language cryptocurrency and blockchain education,” says Warren Wang, CEO of, Inc., Inc. and Phoenix North America have worked out an arrangement for a one year contract to air the 22-minite Bitcoin Talk Show, once monthly. The pre-recorded talk show will initially be broadcast only to audiences in North America. Phoenix North America was recently included the list of free channels provided by Time Warner Cable, which means the Bitcoin Talk Show will gain exposure to over 500,000 Chinese people in North America.

“With the upcoming launch of the Bitcoin Trading Academyand Bitcoin Talk show in June 2018, we are implementing our strategic plan to provide Chinese investors with essential cryptocurrency investment education and trading tools,” says Wang.

“As the Company continues its expansion into the cryptocurrency space, we anticipate a 30% increase in revenues from last year, resulting in three consecutive years of revenue growth since 2016. This is an exciting time for, Inc. as the Company’s fiscal year comes to an end on May 31, 2018.” Wang states.