In Latest Interview, John McAfee Says Of Cryptocurrencies “This Is The Year Of Explosion”

John McAfee Bitcoin interview
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If you know what a computer is, chances are you also know the name McAfee. In 1987, John McAfee founded a computer security company bearing his name. In much the same way that Steve Wozniak pioneered the personal computer revolution, John McAfee pioneered the antivirus and computer security industry.

McAfee HeadquartersThirteen short years after founding McAfee Associates, Intel purchased the company for $7.68 billion, netting John more than just a few pennies.

It is fair to say that John’s achievements in software, computers, computer security, and business in general are legendary. When John speaks about cryptocurrencies – which at their root are simply software – consider that his words are coming from a brilliant entrepreneur who founded an entire industry and in the process built a company from scratch into a multi-billion dollar behemoth in 13 years.

John is very successful, older, rich, and has no care for being politically correct. He doesn’t mince words, and certainly doesn’t cower when his views are challenged. While his abundant confidence in being correct might be offensive to some people, his previous track record cannot be disputed.

Bitcoin marketsSeveral months ago John claimed Bitcoin would top $1 million each before the year 2020 comes to an end. Being sure of himself, John promised to eat his own male anatomy if Bitcoin fails to do so. Despite cryptocurrency prices  in the doldrums of late, John brushes it off as the typical beginning of the year weakness that has happened regularly in the past several years. Regarding his bet, John says, “I am a safe person. I only takes bets where I know I cannot lose, and I cannot lose this one.”

When asked if it was too late for a newcomer to get into cryptocurrency, John was adamant that it’s not. He says, “No, this is just the very beginning. However, by the end of this year, it might be too late because this is going to be the year of the explosion of the true growth of cryptocurrencies. And what you have seen in the past is nothing compared to what you will see this year.”

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