John MacAfee Issues Rare Short Term Bitcoin Forecast

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It’s not every day that John McAfee does or says something that is newsworthy. Well, on second thought, maybe that’s incorrect. We’ll just say that some days John is more newsworthy than others. The man is afterall a genius, colorful, and is certainly not afraid to speak his mind.

Yesterday we reported that John is forecasting a price explosion in cryptocurrencies later this year that will dwarf the gains we’ve see to date. The longer term implication for blockchain technology is something that John repeatedly focuses on. But today John issued a rare short term price forecast for Bitcoin.

That is newsworthy.

John believes that Bitcoin will reach $15,000 next month.

Not “this year,” not within “6 months,” but within the next 37 days.

That’s a bold prediction.

The world doesn’t have long to wait to see if he will be correct.

After more than doubling its current price, John believes Bitcoin will have a price decline in July. Once the July decline is complete, we will be looking for the price explosion that he talked about yesterday.

Here is his complete statement from earlier today: