Oppenheimer Report States Blockchain To Become As Important As The Internet

Oppenheimer analyst
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Yesterday we reported that “Big Four” powerhouse Deloitte issued a glowing report about the future potential of blockchain to transform two industries, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Today we learn that another financial powerhouse, worldwide investment bank Oppenheimer, has also spoken highly of the future potential of blockchain technology to transform daily life.

In a report issued to clients, Tim Horan, Managing Director and Senior Analyst heading the Communication and Cloud Services research team stated:

“We believe that blockchain technology will be as important as the internet was to economic and social change in the past 25 years”

That’s quite a prediction.

Internet social changeObviously, the internet didn’t simply change the way we communicate, it changed nearly every aspect of life in the personal and corporate realm. It is almost impossible to overstate how much of an impact the introduction of the internet had on the entire developed world.

So to forecast that blockchain technology will have as great of an impact on both the social and economic spheres as the internet did is really saying something.

That doesn’t quite fit with the naysayer narrative that Bitcoin and blockchain are a fad, and simply in a bubble. The Oppenheimer report would suggest that there not only isn’t a bubble, but that the technology is just getting started, with world-changing impact yet to come.

Our views are in alignment with Mr. Horan’s. We too believe that blockchain technology is just getting started, and will completely transform the world every bit as much as the internet did. Mainstream adoption is coming full speed ahead, and as Deloitte’s report suggested yesterday, those people looking to capitalize early on the tremendous opportunity, “should come to grips with that.”