DHS Official Gives Glowing Blockchain Testimony To U.S. Congress: “Almost Limitless”

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Douglas Maughan, a cybersecurity division director within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security testified before The U.S. Congress today and gave a glowing overview of the blockchain technology:

“I think the applications are almost limitless.”

So said Douglas Maughan – who serves as the Science and Technology Directorate’s cybersecurity division director, a group within the Department of Homeland Security – before two Congressional subcommittees on Tuesday. Maughan’s remarks came during a wider discussion on the application of blockchain to supply chains, joining a panel of witnesses that included Maersk head of global trade digitization Michael White, UPS vice president of global customs brokerage staff Chris Rubio and Nuby Law IPR counsel Robert Chiaviello.

Announced last week, the “Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Improve Supply Chain Management and Combat Counterfeit Goods” hearing is the second such event hosted by the  House Science, Space and Technology Committee’s Oversight and Research and Technology subcommittees this year.

As expected, the session was largely educational in nature. But even still, as articulated by Maughn, such discussions can have a significant impact on the work being done by U.S. agencies on the blockchain front.

According to Maughn, the Science and Technology Directorate “must aggressively work with its research, development, test and evaluation partners throughout government and industry so Homeland Security applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology are effective and trusted.”

Indeed, in his “limitless” remark, Maughan suggested that the scale of work was spread throughout the U.S. government.

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