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What Is Bitcoin

If your new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and looking for very reliable information on exactly what is Bitcoin, the Blockchain, and cryptocurrency in general, we cannot think of a better place to start than with the free online Bitcoin course provided by Princeton University. This is a VERY in depth course and is highly recommended for anyone looking for accurate, unbiased, credible answers to the following common questions:

  • How does Bitcoin work?
  • What is the Blockchain?
  • What is Bitcoin mining?
  • Is Bitcoin legal?
  • What makes Bitcoin different?
  • How secure are Bitcoins?
  • How anonymous are Bitcoin transactions?
  • What determines the price of Bitcoins?
  • Can Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies be regulated?
  • What might Bitcoin’s future?

This course is quite technical in nature.This is adult-level training provided free of charge by an Ivy League university. The training is very lengthy and in depth. You can read more about the course at Princeton.edu here. The course is broken down into 11 modules, with one module per week. Each module is futher broken down into multiple videos. If you complete the entire course, you’ll have consumed over 60 videos of complete Bitcoin instruction and training.

If you’re interested in enrolling in the course, you can do so free of charge by going to Princeton Bitcoin course.